The Sheshen are a 6-piece band that combines sequenced synthesizers, syncopated beats, and Lalin St. Juste’s soft, skillful vocals. Their third full-length album, CYAN, was inspired by the strength and softness of the color cyan, the tumult of the 2016 election, and personal struggles with depression. In this episode, Lalin breaks down some of CYAN's songs and talks about how she fused personal lyrics with bassist/producer Akiyoshi Ehara's textured grooves.

Songs included: "4AM," "Don't Answer" and "Dive"

Stefanie Vigoren and Jaybird Parkhurst are no strangers to change. After forming the band Termination Dust in Anchorage, Alaska, the two have traveled around the country, released two full-length albums, and welcomed drummer Matt Harris into the band. Termination Dust don’t just tolerate change, they embrace it — and are now using it as the inspiration for their third album, Growing Down. 

Songs in this episode: “It's Not A Place, It's A Feeling” and “Street Lights”

December 17, 2019

Gems of 2019: Part 2

This episode is part 2 of 4 "Gems of 2019," a series where I look back on some of my favorite albums and EPs of 2019. This time, I chat about releases from Jamila Woods, Charly Bliss, ahem, Carly Rae Jepsen and more, as well as a friend who's changed my own relationship to music.

Kathy Callahan (she/her), Nadi McGill (they/them), and Natalie Klemond (she/her) aren’t just bandmates — the trio affectionately refer to themselves as “brothers” — and sitting down with the three of them, it’s clear that their music is inseparable from their close-knit relationship. We talked about battling impostor syndrome, their upcoming EP Phony, how they used cheap wigs to recreate the looks of iconic boy bands, and so much more.

Songs included: "New Song No. 2" and "Neopet Graveyard"

December 9, 2019

Gems of 2019: Part 1

As 2019 winds to a close, I'm looking back on some of my favorite albums and EPs from the year. This episode is part 1 of 4 "Gems of 2019," where I chat about some of my favorite music released in the past year from Queen of Jeans, Chastity Belt, pushflowers, Sass, and more.

Nicolle Maroulis keeps busy. When talked over the phone, the frontperson of the Montclair, NJ band Hit Like A Girl was in between two tours, in the midst of two new releases, and managing their non-profit organization. Maroulis and I chatted about one of Hit Like A Girl's newest singles, "No More Dysphoria," tackling onstage nerves, and the secrets to building the perfect Taco Bell order.

Songs included: "No More Dysphoria" and "It's Not Me"

When Scrunchies released their debut album Stunner in June 2018, it seemed like this supergroup of Minneapolis musicians dropped from the sky — and that’s because they didn’t tell anyone about the band until after they had recorded an entire album, made a music video, and booked their first show.

Songs included: "Wichita" and "Double Vision"

Somewhere in Minnesota, there's an underground bunker turning out some of the happiest and loudest rock in the state. Courtney, Alyse, and Erik make up the trio ahem, and together they tap into a youthful joy to write playful songs about climbing trees and taking the winding path through life. I sat down with the band and discovered that our recording location played a key role in the creation of their debut album, "Try Again."

Songs included: "Sideways" and "Wishing Well" 

The Grey Estates is one of the Internet's most influential indie music blogs, and also one of its most heartwarming. Lauren Rearick founded the blog in 2013 and since then, it has built connections between musicians and listeners across the world. I caught up with Lauren to talk about falling in love with indie music through The O.C., launching new features like The Beat, and learning when to close your email inbox and make time for yourself.

Katharine Seggerman is the drummer, vocalist, and songwriter for Lunch Duchess, which just released its debut full-length album, "Crying for Fun." In this episode, Katharine and I talk about how she uses her background as a drummer to write catchy songs with powerfully personal lyrics that draw on everything from allergies and bodily autonomy to emotional releases.

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